How Social Media Surveillance can get you Fired

ALC205 Group Collaboration Group 39 Ashlie Williamson Mayzsa Bianda Kori Sarah Evans The convenience of social media has become so distracting that we often fail to realise that the content we post is constantly being monitored, and often by unknown sources. A prevalent issue surrounding this is social media surveillance in the workplace. Our video … Continue reading How Social Media Surveillance can get you Fired


Social media, what’s your emergency?

Usually when I consider what social media means to me, I think about how it connects me to my friends and family, how it can be used for entertainment or how it can be used for marketing purposes and managing my online reputation. When in reality, social media can offer so much more than that. … Continue reading Social media, what’s your emergency?

Breaking News: The Latest from Brand Journalism

Simply put, brand journalism is a marketing tool that allows an organisation to report information about their brand as if it were an important news story. It encompasses the elements of journalistic storytelling and reporting, but is limited to conveying and highlighting information that is relevant to the company’s brand image (Newman 2015). So how … Continue reading Breaking News: The Latest from Brand Journalism

Surveillance “Liked” Your Facebook Status

(LoboStudioHamburg - Twitter Facebook Together Exchange of Information 2016 Pixabay, CC BY 2.0) In our everyday lives we can get swept up in the convenience of new digital technology. In fact, we are so preoccupied monitoring our social media accounts that we often forget that we are being monitored right back (Boghosian 2013, p.57). Present day reality assumes that … Continue reading Surveillance “Liked” Your Facebook Status