Attention Seeking can get me a Job? Great!

Social networking sites (SNS) are no longer just a place to connect with friends and family online. SNS have become a crucial tool to presentation and self-promotion.

We are no longer passive consumers of the media, but active participants!

With the agency to decide what parts of ourselves to perform online.

But did you know that your online posts could be catching the attention of future employers?

That’s right, the identities you’ve been creating on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are being watched.

If this concerns you, it’s probably time to consider whether your online presence needs some modification and fine-tuning!

It’s easy to build a successful online presence and use it to create your own job opportunities!

Here are 5 simple steps on how to attract the attention you want from employers through your SNS!

#1 Get out there!

Build yourself a solid foundation by engaging in as many social media sites as you can, become familiar with them learn how they work and how they can benefit your needs. Design the platform to reflect who you are and consider whether your career goal should be a prominent theme.


#2 Start Networking

Connect with people, and follow, like, comment on other content! What you put out, will come back! This will draw attention to your online presence and could lead to an increase in responses to your page, followers and likes.


#3 Keep Updated!

Post regular content, whether it be a daily blog, photo, status or video. Create a theme, and stick to it! Keep your viewers interested to continue attracting traffic to your site! Monitor what content you are posting, and ensure that your posts are valuable to your viewers/followers and that they are consistent with your theme and current trends!


#4 Privatise

While social media is a useful tools to promote ourselves online, we all like to share a few silly posts here and there with our friends on Facebook! Make sure you utilise the privacy settings of the platform to ensure those personal, and at times ‘inappropriate’, posts aren’t viewed by the wrong people! It’s good to show a bit of character online but it’s important to also maintain a professional online persona!


#5 Brand You!

Now that you have a solid online presence on a range of different social media platforms, it’s time to mix them up! Use hyperlinks, shout outs and hashtags to promote your different sites and direct traffic to your different platforms. This can be helpful to boost followers, likes and comments across the board!


Your online presence is a strategic weapon that has enormous potential to attract attention to your various online channels and allow you to build relationships that could lead to future job opportunities. Be active online, and stand out!


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Erickson, K 2016, ’42:7 Ways to build your online presence now’ EOFIRE, retrieved 16th July,





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