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It is a common mistake to believe that an online reputation isn’t that important. But believe it or not, an online presence and reputation management could be the only thing standing in the way of you and success.

Nowadays it needs to be recognised that having no online presence is equally as detrimental as having a poor or bad online presence.

It is imperative that we can distinguish between relevant content and damaging content, we need to be displaying our achievements and skills and be careful not to reveal any unnecessary or worse- inappropriate content online.

According to the article 6 Reasons Why Online Reputation Matters, often the first point of call for customers is to conduct online research before deciding to make a purchase or commit to a product, service or brand.

It is therefore vital that businesses, entrepreneurs and even individuals looking for job opportunities are monitoring and protecting their online reputations to ensure that these customers are impressed by what they find.

It is Judith Butler’s theory of identity performativity that considers the ‘enormous capacity’ and benefits that arise from creating an online profile by ‘performing one’s sense of one’s personality’ in order to convey your personalised brand. Which thus requires you to invest time, energy and effort into social networking maintenance, contact, and communication.

Butler conveys that ‘performativity’ allows you to decide which parts of yourself, your brand or your company to showcase online, thus giving you the advantage to limit negative attention and feature your best content.


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There are several ways you can take action in order to protect your online reputation, many of them are listed on Forbes including;

  1. Performing a Google Search this enables you to keep track of what content is available about you or your business and monitor what others see. You can see if any changes need to be made.
  1. Keeping it Simple by trying to maintain or limit all your content to one place, such as a website. This will be the easiest way for customers and viewers to access the information they need or direct them to the right place.
  1. Social Networking will give you a wider reach, and may make your company or business easier to find online. Make sure you keep these sites regularly updated.
  2. Keeping your private life private, we are well and truly past the point of posting drunken images online. That’s just common sense, but don’t forget to also update your privacy settings on your personal social and online accounts. Creating a barrier between your personal life and your business life will be beneficial to your online reputation.

With this advice in mind, it will be much easier to monitor your online reputation and maintain a positive and professional online presence.



One thought on “Hello World, This is Me

  1. jamesalc205 says:

    Hey there Ash!
    Yes I totally agree that online ‘brand recognition’ is certainly likely to be a major proponent in the equation related to online ‘success’ as you mention. The ability to be readily recognised and obtain a presence within the public’s now increasingly bombarded attention span is of course growing more difficult to do. In starting I can see that keeping things simple, as you say, will enable the establishment of a brand, and then once this concept catches on and solidifies within the public consciousness as mental real estate (if it is indeed so lucky as to manage to do this!) then there will perhaps be a greater chance to diversify the brand’s image.
    Ps. the odd ‘saddle club’ ref. here and there probably doesn’t hurt either! Haha
    Kind regards,


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