How to Rock your Professional Career

business-people-1166576_960_720.jpg(Business People Business Social Media Networking 2016 PixabayCC BY 2.0)

“I know what I want. I have identified what my career goals are for the near future, and I have a plan set in place to help me reach those goals”

Now that isn’t something you hear very often, is it? Especially from university students graduating their first degree.

But fortunately for me, that is exactly where I currently stand. I have a passion for digital marketing and social media strategizing, and I cannot wait to jump start my career as a freelance digital marketing strategist. I love the idea of helping small start-up businesses reach their full potential by helping them develop and sell their own online brand. Its an amazing feeling to see businesses thrive and knowing that I played a role in making that happen.

Obviously, there are several obstacles that I must overcome before I can reach that end goal, but I plan to make it happen, using social media to help me get there!

(Social media bandwagon 2008 Elias BizannesCC BY 2.0)

After thinking about my professional future, I decided to firstly identify and plan basic steps that I needed to start taking now, in order to get a head start on my career.

  1. The first step is contacting a Deakin careers councillor. This will allow me to identify what qualifications my degree can offer me, and allow me to seek advice on what steps I need to take next.
  2. The second step is evaluating my resume and Linked In profile, by submitting both to the Dropbox under Job Search Essentials. The feedback will enable me to asses and improve both profiles before applying for jobs.
  3. The third step is to start networking and communicating with people, practitioners and professionals who currently have experience in the same or similar career path. To do this I will connect with people via Linked In, Twitter and other professional platforms that will allow me to form relationships and seek advice on how to achieve my career goals. Maintaining these networks will benefit my online image and could potentially evolve into an interview or job opportunity.
  4. The fourth and final step is to gain experience by applying for internships and job opportunities that will teach me the skills and qualifications I will need to eventually start my own business. I will start my job search using tools such as Linked In Jobs  or Deakin UniHub. Before doing so, I will evaluate all my social media accounts to showcase my current skills and qualifications and promote my current brand to increase my chances of being employed.

the_art_of_social_media(The Art of Social Media  2011, mkhmarketing CC BY 2.0)

Each of these steps requires me to use and promote a positive online image. Therefore throughout the process of completing these steps, the most important step of all will be consistently maintaining and communicating a professional and constructive online persona. In order to do so I will follow a few simple tips demonstrated by Guy Kawasaki in How to Rock Social Media, including;

  • Optimising my profile to appear professional and competent
  • Tactical engagement of content including the sharing of hobbies and passions to demonstrate my interests and socialisation skills
  • Strategic use of social media platforms that will allow me to interact effectively with followers

I cannot wait to implement all of the steps and skills and discover where they will lead me in my professional future.


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