Breaking News: The Latest from Brand Journalism

Simply put, brand journalism is a marketing tool that allows an organisation to report information about their brand as if it were an important news story. It encompasses the elements of journalistic storytelling and reporting, but is limited to conveying and highlighting information that is relevant to the company’s brand image (Newman 2015).

So how does it work? Well, using Storify to further explore this, I have demonstrated how The Good Guys have been able to use brand journalism as a strategic marketing tactic within their own organisation, check it out here.

As you can see from my Storify, brand journalism can be a pretty effective tool to assist in promoting a company’s professional image. But brand journalism isn’t limited to helping large organisations and companies, even you can use brand journalism to enhance your own marketing strategy!

The podcast below describes 5 important steps that will help guide you into implementing your own brand journalism strategy, inspired by Diane Gage Lofgren  and Andy Bull.

And there you have it, the latest news from brand journalism.


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